Friday, 7 August 2020

Being Safe Around Dogs

This week we have been looking at dogs.  We have had some stories about the naughty Pig the Pug, made dog toys and found out how to be safe around dogs with the Christchurch City Council.  Chris told us "If a dog's on it's own, leave it alone!" and to always ask before you touch a dog.  We then role played how we approach a dog and wrote great describing stories about pugs.

Beautiful party food

Beautiful party food.

Friday, 31 July 2020

Fast and Slow

Over week one and two of this term, we have been exploring Fast and Slow.

We have talked about whether items are fast or slow and sorted them according to our ideas:
We have completed experiments to examine our ideas about what will move fast or slow. We have also dug deeper to find out what affects speed. We know about friction and how more friction makes us "stick" and less friction allows us to "glide". We used a range of materials to see if we would slide faster or slower.

We have looked at some funny videos of pandas on slides and people sliding either really slowly or really quickly:

Fast and Slow in Discovery

Can you see our slow baked snails, our slow oobleck and our fast twirly snakes?

Friday, 24 July 2020

Term 3 Week 1

A big welcome to T4 who have started in the Music Room. Mrs Townsend is excited to be back with Ahuriri with some new children. They are enjoying exploring their new space.

Great number work when parking cars.